You need to reply to the following three people.

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D. Dear Anu – I hate working with my co-worker “Liz”. She is a first year college student and has been working with me for about half a year now; she gets on my nerves when we are working together. This makes me feel overworked and unsupported during my shifts, as Liz doesn’t remember how to make half of our menu. I know that she does not work that often but she has been working there much longer than some other new employees. I feel like I am a mother to her when I am working since she has no common sense, lacks work efficiency, is out of focus, and just brainless who doesn’t think when she is about to speak. I know that as a shift lead I should help her out but she should not forget how things work since she has been there the longest with the cash register and making ice cream rolls. There have been times we are so busy preparing orders, but instead of jumping in to help, she asks “Do you need me to help you?”. This is frustrating. And when I tell management, it seems like I get blamed for any issues and they are unwilling to take it up with Liz (or even get rid of her). What can I do as a shift lead with either Liz or management to try to resolve this situation? –Sincerely, Shift Leader Shelly

E. Dear Anu – My coworker Bruno is a nice guy, however, his views about the recent black lives matter protests have really been bugging me lately, to the point where it’s difficult to even be around him (I work with him for eight hours a day). He has no sympathy for the black community and the systematic oppression and racism that they have been dealing with their whole lives. He won’t stop talking about how he actually wants police to use violent force against these protesters, and I am going crazy trying to get him to understand that this is exactly the problem at hand. Of course, he buys into the stereotypical media portrayals of protestors just being angry rioters. He seems to have no interest in hearing me out – only bashing the whole movement with his eyes and ears closed. How can I get him to see this situation from a different perspective? Or how can I still effectively work with this guy despite these frustrations? Sincerely – Frustrated in Fresno

F. Dear Anu – I find it difficult to be emotionally “there” for others while I am busy with a lot of tasks. School or work can be overwhelming and my mind isn’t relaxed when people ask me to do something. People like to go to me for advice and I struggle with saying no, but I tend to stress out when I cannot help them right away. I like to get everything I need to do done first and get myself situated first so when they come to me for advice, I often turn them away pretty aggressively. For example, today my sister wanted help from me and I immediately became frustrated due to the fact that I wanted to get my homework done and I yelled at her; I got really overwhelmed. How can I better communicate with folks in this situation so I don’t come across so aggressive and hurt the people that are close to me? Sincerely, Overwhelmed in Orlando

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