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Technology has changed lives in fundamental and positive ways. It also has opened the door to new types of cybercrime, which can run the gamut from identity theft to organizing terrorist plots. As each new type of crime comes to light, usually through a case that draws national attention, law enforcement and government entities respond using increasingly sophisticated surveillance technology. Law enforcement’s use of technology to prevent and combat cybercrime has prompted even greater “advances” in criminal activity with the use of encryption, anonymizers, and proxy servers.

For the Final Project, you will provide an in-depth analysis of a cybercrime. You will select a cybercrime to use for the Final Project. You will then review how this type of crime evolved, how it gained national attention, and how it was influenced by technology. As you continue your analysis of the cybercrime, examine legislation, penalties, and how law enforcement might prevent and address the cybercrime.

The Assignment:

Using the Walden Writing Center APA Course Paper Template, write a 10- to 12-page paper (not counting the title page and References page) that includes the following elements:


  • Describe the type of cybercrime you selected.
  • Explain the evolution of the cybercrime, including when the cybercrime gained national attention and any circumstances or cases that might have prompted the national attention.
  • Explain how technology has influenced the evolution of the cybercrime.


  • Describe legislation related to the cybercrime.
  • Explain limitations and/or gaps related to the legislation.
  • Explain penalties in your state or country of residence for engaging in the cybercrime.
  • Explain the degree to which the penalties you identified are adequate for penalizing the offender.
  • Explain challenges law enforcement might face in efforts to prevent and address the cybercrime.


  • Explain how law enforcement might utilize technological solutions to prevent and address the cybercrime.
  • Explain how law enforcement might utilize technology to benefit society and effect social change.

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