writing assignments which you define and apply key concepts and theories from the class. definition must be from the textbook ( The Practical Skeptic: Core Concepts in Sociology )

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First, write a paragraph describing a key concept or theory from our class. If, for example, you want to discuss the concept of deviance, then you would write a paragraph describing what deviance is. Your paragraph should include the textbook definition of the concept as well as a description of how this concept can be understood in relation to other concepts (e.g. how deviance relates to social norms, is not the same as crime, how a particular theory explains deviance). In other words, this first paragraph is where you define a specific “object” (e.g. deviance) that you have observed or experienced and provide some context surrounding this “object.”

In another paragraph, you are required to relate that concept or theory to your experiences or observations. If, for example, you defined and described deviance in the first paragraph, then your second paragraph should be a description of a time in which you experienced or observed deviance. In other words, you are to act as if you are a sociologist in the field looking to observe and record an act of deviance. Describe what you observed and explain how you know that the act was deviant (e.g. did it violate social norms, did others respond to it as if it was deviant, did people say they felt “bad” for what they/others did, etc…).

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