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Research PART 1: Thesis and Bibliography: In the “1102 Summer

Research Project Guidelines” document, you will find three possible topics for your research paper. Choose ONE and do some preliminary research. Once you have probed the topic a bit and decided on your argument, submit an MLA-formatted document that includes (1) your chosen topic, (2) your one-sentence, argumentative thesis statements, and three MLA-formatted sources (bibliography). See the template in the “Research Project Guidelines” for formatting guidelines. The deadline is 11:59PM on Friday. Your thesis should conform to all rules governing thesis statements and your sources must be formatted according to MLA rules you have read about in Chapter 9. Please title your e-mail “Research Thesis.” I will return your document with my feedback as soon as I can

You have three topics to choose from:

a. Recently, a European animal-rights group reported to authorities over 100 zoos for abusing animals. Should zoos—or any other places where animals are held captive—exist?

b. Age, physiology, and mental maturity have often been cited as benchmarks for adulthood. At what point in their lives do people become adults?

c. Take one aspect of our lives (sports, the economy, health care, education, family life, mental/physical health, etc.) (choose one that is closest to you because of your job and/or major) and explain through research how the pandemic has affected it.

2. As PART ONE of the research project, you will submit the following (see the syllabus for the deadline):

a. (1) Your chosen topic, (2) a one-sentence argumentative thesis, and (3) three

MLA-formatted sources. Your thesis statement should follow all the rules of a thesis:

i. It should identify the topic,

ii. It should be argumentative,

iii. It should show the scope of the topic (its broadness/narrowness),

iv. It should include three supporting argument—the points you will pursue in the body paragraphs.

v. It should NOT be an announcement, such as “In this paper, I will….”

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