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write 5 pages about the bold prompt number 3. The rest are just for you to have more understanding of what this is.

please use simple language

I attached a sample for number 5 for you to have an idea but you should write about #3

Paper 1 Prompts :

*****For all below, you need to make an argument. When you’re developing the idea, be sure to ask yourself “So What?” What do you want the reader to learn/take away from your writing? For instance, if you do #5, it’s insanely easy to just describe this situation. I have no interest in that. I want you to describe it, enter the conversational context, and make an argument to convince me about why this is good, bad, something, else, etc. If you don’t have an argument or POV in your paper there’s a problem.

****For the final paper, I want at least 5 quotations, and 5 external references. I’m not concerned with how you cite these, but MLA is the easiest if you want to plug it into all those weird websites. I’m not kidding, and I don’t wish to sound angry, but the fastest way to a C or below is to submit a paper without quotes, references, allusions, scene descriptions, etc.

  1. To varying extents, Ladybird, We Are Okay, and Booksmart explore the transition from highschool to college. This is obviously a huge moment in everyone’s life, and one that comes with a lot of blessings and a lot of problems. Using one of the texts as a jumping off point, discuss this transition period in terms of identity, sexual orientation, culture clash, etc. You are free to use personal experience here if you want; if you don’t, no problem.
  2. If you remember back to the first week, we watched David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech “This is Water.” In this famous speech, he develops the idea that mindfulness, attention, and empathy will guide us to live more fulfilling-and less frustrating-lives. Using examples from one of the source texts (=#1 above), elaborate on how these qualities are virtuous or at least beneficial.
  3. Lately we’ve discussed the effect various technologies have on our behavior and psyches. For example, we use Insta for one thing, Snap for another, text for another, email for another, etc. Analyze how people use various platforms for specific rhetorical reasons. Personal anecdotes are welcome.
  4. Ladybird is about a love of things. The two that I care most about are:
    1. How economics pervades life. I could write a 300-page book about economics in this movie. I’m asking you to write a 4-page paper.
    2. Remember the scene I emphasized, “love is a form of attention.” Connect this to the “attention economy” we live in now.
  5. A lot of you seemed into what’s often called “woke culture,” “cancel culture,” or the “outrage economy.” Explore this. You don’t have to include the source texts.
  6. Booksmart adds to the tradition of “high school last day” movies by portraying almost every variation of LGBTQIA issues. No matter what you thought about the movie, Olivia Wilide foregrounded this on purpose. Analyze why.
    1. Greta Gerwig, Olivia Wilde, and Sofia Coppola represent an awesome avant garde movement of female writers/directors/actors. Discuss why this is important given the culture of Hollywood, especially in the days of Weinstein, #metoo, and #oscarssowhite.
  7. Deep fakes, such as the ones you’re looking at now for the last assignment, are pervading our world at an exponential pace. Most people guess that by 2030 there will be no way for mere humans to decipher the difference between “”real” and “fake.” Does this matter? If so, why?

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