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For this project, however, you will be taking on the role of a
modern-day business executive in the music industry, and the musician
the executive is trying to sign. You will first be arguing the case of
the executive to the musician, then the musician to the executive, and
finally the executive to his company to get them to agree to sign the


Imagine that you are a music executive
and you have just discovered a talented young musician and want to sign
this musician to your company’s record label. In a persuasive essay, you
will attempt to convince the musician that your record label is the
best place for them to work by doing the following:

1. You will do this by laying out the benefits your record label offers such as insurance and pay.

2. Write a bit about unions and the benefits they fought to make sure people were provided by their employers.

3. Write the benefits and complete additional research about the kinds of benefits modern businesses give their employees in order to improve your sales pitch to the musician.

4. You may model your benefits package after an existing business, but remember to write your explanation of the benefits in your own words.

Complete online research to find examples of how to create your own
employee reviews of your music business to help show how these benefits
of signing with your record label.

This should be at least 300 words in length.


Imagine that you are a young musician
who has just been contacted by a major record label to sign with them.
You’ve just received the notice from the executive you’re in contact
with about benefits, but they want you to respond with a detailed
explanation of the kind of music you intend to bring to the table. Even
though you are a young musician, though, your music is very in tune with
some serious issues! Specifically, your music covers issues like
Imperialism and war.

Using what you have learned and know about Imperialism
and war, specifically neutrality versus interventionism,
you will write a persuasive response to the music executive explaining
your position on these issues and how it influences your music. You may
take either side of these issues, but make sure to tie the two issues
together and provide good details and examples to support your argument.

This should be at least 200 words in length.


Finally, the music executive has
received a response from the prospective new musician they are hopeful
to sign to their label. The music the artist wants to make can be hard
to sell when compared to hip-hop and pop music, but you believe you can
do it!

  • In 150 words draft a pitch to your company to sign this talented young musician.

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Assignment Solutions


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