What Would You Do Differently?”

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This assignment is called “What Would You Do Differently?” Answer the four questions below. Click on “reply” and fill in your answers to these questions:

1. Have you ever seen a play? (A play = A live theatrical production in a theatre or outdoors – can be a musical or dialogue only). If you have not ever seen a play, choose a film that you have seen that’s based on a play. Do some research if you don’t know. We’ve all seen at least one, believe me. What’s the title of the play (or film)?

2. Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?

3. What would you have done differently if you’d been the director? Be specific! Keep in mind directors in theatre (and in film) create the concept – the overall look, tone and style of the piece. The director’s duties are described in chapter 6 of the textbook.

4. Can you create your own original concept for the play (or film) you mentioned above? If you do not know what I mean by “concept”, just Google “Production Concept” or “Theatrical Concept” for descriptions and examples. Describe your original concept in five sentences.

*Also submit your responses to Part 1 on the “Assignment 1” Assignments tab. You can just copy and paste your responses to questions 1-4 or create a PDF doc and attach it.

Your responses to the four questions are due on Wednesday, Feb. 19 by 11:59PM. Your responses to two other people’s responses are due on Friday, Feb. 21 by 11:59PM. I will check to see that you’ve done Part 2.

The RUBRIC for this assignment is as follows:

1. Be specific and detailed in all responses. “Yes”, “no” or “I don’t know” responses will merit a zero (0).

2. Questions 2 & 3 should be answered with at least two sentences each. Worth .25 of a point each, total of .5 of a point.

3. Question 4 requires at least five sentences and in it describe three theatrical design elements you would use in your concept that you can read about in your textbook such as lighting, sound, sets/scenery, costumes, props, make up/wigs/accessories, acting, etc. Worth 1 point

4. Grading for the response(s) is as follows: Write one question and one suggestion, as stated before, with positive messages for the two people’s concepts you respond to. Worth 1 point.

5. On all responses I expect complete sentences, correct grammar and spelling, and as much creative detail as possible!

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Assignment Solutions