What are the five generations

1. What are the five generations in the evolution of the computer age?
a. Indicate the Generation.
b. Indicate the Dates of the Generation.
c. Show the key point on the slide.
i. Note: this could be five slides or one slide (your choice)

2. What is ARPANET? What year was it introduced? Why is it important?

3. What year was the World Wide Web standardized? Where did this happen? Who was involved?

4. When was Mosaic introduced? What did it lead to?

Create a PowerPoint Presentation from the TimeLine Word File information after you find the dates and other information. This will be a team project (four or five members on team – you will be assigned a team randomly through Canvas). You do not need to include all the topics but should use as many as you feel necessary to tell the story about the history of personal computers.

1. Create slides from the TimeLine information plus a Title Slide (include your names, class name and time, and date) and a Works Cited slide (indicating where you found the information).

Special slide instructions:

  • Each team member is to create a minimum of three slides for the presentation (15 slides for a team of five – 12 slides for a team of four). Put your name in the slide footer to identify your slides.
  • Send your slides to the PowerPoint creation team member to be included in the final project
  • The Proofreader(s) are responsible for the Bibliography slide(s) that must be created using MLA style – PowerPoint creation person will send the bibliography pages to the Proofreader who will then put them in alphabetical order and MLA format.
  • The Team Leader will create the title slide
  • The Team Recorder will keep track of team meeting, member responsibilities, and work completed. The recorder notes will be submitted with the final project.

2. Each slide must have at least one graphic

3. Each slide must include text

4. The presentation should have a transition to each new slide

5. Select and use a theme

6. Each team member will include one table on a slide (four team members means that you will have four tables)

7. Each team member will include Smart Art on at least one slide

8. Each team member will include Word Art on a least one slide

9. Each team member will include a shape on a least one slide

10. Each team member will include at least one animation on one slide

11. Check spelling

12. Include audio on first slide (run continuous loop)

13. Insert footer to print on the handout pages (not on the slide): include your names, Comp 100+class time, and date.

14. Print as a pdf.: handouts 4 slides to a page – Upload one copy for the team.

15. Save as a PowerPoint file and then automate to run presentation upon start (save as a show file in PowerPoint). .ppsx

16. Upload the presentation file in Canvas to receive credit for the assignment and the original PowerPoint file (.pptx)

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions


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