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Please reply to the following two post 100 words with one reference each

1- Adis Medina

The media is a significant procedure that can be properly used to allow us to be aware and to convey the ideal counteraction systems in fighting and prevention disease. My task will concentrate on setting up the job of the media in programs of disease prevention just as making open acknowledgment of various wellbeing strategies. The media can be utilized to improve the wellbeing status of various individuals in the general public through efforts that make information about different types the health conditions just as impact the readiness of various health policies. Tobacco use in Florida caused a rise in diseases and this is one of the huge general medical problems that should be resolved in the general health policy. There are several forms in which media can be utilized to energize the wellbeing circumstance in Florida such as through the production of responsiveness and preparation of the network individuals to improve the general wellbeing circumstances and execution of the ideal wellbeing approaches (Freeman, Potente, Rock, and McIver, 2015).

Social networking, just as different types of media, can be utilized to create readiness as well as information on the measures that can be taken to decrease the spread of certain conditions. The media is additionally applied to address the diverse wellbeing concerns and set up another activity to address tobacco use in Florida. The media can likewise be used to inform individuals of dangers of certain habits, for example, cigarette smoking by directing efforts that look for information on the effects of tobacco smoking just as creative techniques to encourage the stopping of tobacco smoking. Internet-based life is utilized to support the effort crusades that target improving the wellbeing status of the individuals in Florida. The press is a successful technique that can be utilized to sharpen the overall population about a flare-up of a general wellbeing danger.


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2 – Ania Molina

Tobacco-Free Florida (2016) program has a reflexive approach; that is, it is designed to promote critical, reflective, and objective thinking in the participants. This program is designed in a basic plan for participants to fulfill each of their purposes step by step. This program includes participants, families, and the community since the Florida Department of Health has the goal of impacting the community as a whole, including passive consumers, so the program is free, and an interdisciplinary team is formed which addresses the main problems of consumers and their families (Ravenel, 2018). For this program, the media have an essential role since it allows these programs to reach the affected citizens and even educates the younger citizens to prevent consumption.

Likewise, the Zika Free Florida (2019) program offers citizens essential self-care and protection guidelines for populations exposed to risk factors. This program intends to educate citizens in ways of protection and intervention. The current figures of Zika Free Florida demonstrate the effectiveness of this program since the number of patients hospitalized for this infection has been reduced considerably. Also, the death report is currently 0 because citizens know the symptoms and ask for help promptly.

For the Zika Free Florida program, media is a useful tool that allows citizens to access programs that the Health System offers free of charge, since, mass media is the best strategy to provide citizens with care tools, self-protection, and intervention. The media is the new tool that replaces the voice of citizens, since, although citizens are not interested, they may receive information about these programs. Unfortunately, while some programs demonstrate effectiveness, others seem not to have the same effect, because tobacco users are getting younger and younger (Ravenel, 2018).


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