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Guided Response: Review several of your classmates’ posts. Provide a suggestion on how your classmates could successfully change the unhealthy lifestyle habit listed in their introduction. Respond to three classmates by Day 7.

Mine- Hello! My name is Brenna Norman and I am studying to become a nurse in the near future as I want to bring comfort and compassion to my patients as they go through tough times battling sickness. I would like to focus on emotional wellness and help people transition from a bad mental health state to a healthier one. In particular, I would like to address deteriorating mental health due to burnout and the lack of rest. I would like people to know that taking breaks once in a while is healthy practice and would help them have achieve their goals better without sacrificing mental health.

Sara- Hello Fellow Scholars!

My name is Sara Newlove (yes this is a real name) and am 36 years old, have two wonderfully bratty teenage daughters, two cats and a pet lizard. I live in the Silicon Valley area of California and work at Facebook as a Lead Quality Analyst. I don’t have very many hobbies mainly due to being so busy with home, work and school; but, when I do have time I love to garden, paint with acrylic pouring, and also volunteer to make family birthday cakes. ( I was a cake decorator for many many years).

I enrolled in this specific class mainly because it is a pre requisite for Health Psychology but even if it was not I would have signed up for it as an elective. Health and wellness have become more important to me over the last few years so I can high hopes of using what i learn here to make changes to better myself. Currently I am on a mental health improvement path. Covid-19 has forced me to work from home which has had a massive impact on my mental health. I am more tired, anxious, moody, hungry, and overall just feeling blah. I know off-hand that my diet and lack of physical activity are the main culprits and I am driven to start making changes in those areas sooner than later.

I look forward to growing conversations with everyone and learning new information and ideas surrounding health and wellness.

Kathy- Hello Everyone!

My name is Kathy Shirey and I am 28 years old, working on my second bachelor’s degree and live in Frederick, MD. I work as the sales and marketing specialist for Thacker Caskets. Yup, I do the marketing for a wholesale casket company – I am mostly behind the scenes, creating social media campaigns, catalogs, flyers, emails, you know, all the things that go along with marketing. I am on mission to save the world, or at least do what I can personally to reduce my carbon footprint. I live a completely plant based lifestyle, from the food that I eat, to the products that I use in my home. I don’t own a TV, I don’t have Netflix or Amazon, heck, I don’t even own a microwave and I just got WiFi a week ago so I could start this program with Ashford! In my limited free time, I enjoy rescuing animals (it’s bad, I can’t say no to animal in need; I currently have 8 rescues in my little one bedroom townhouse), yoga and meditation, reading, painting, pressing flowers, hiking with my dogs and boyfriend, photography and just soaking up as much nature as possible. I prefer to be outside, but I do have over 50 plants in my house, so I can enjoy the outdoors even when I have to be inside!

I enrolled in this class because it is required for the BA Health and Wellness program, but I am excited to dig into all this class has to offer! My long term goal is to own a yoga studio with “life coach” aspect to it and my current degree is in history, which is great, but not really a credential people are looking for when they are trying to find someone to help improve their lifestyle! This class is the beginning of diving into my long term goals and I am elated! Becoming vegan is actually what sparked my motivation for wanting to embark upon this health and wellness journey, that’s what led to the yoga and meditation and “spiritual awakening.”

While I like to believe I generally lead a pretty healthy lifestyle, I do have one unhealthy lifestyle factor that immediately comes to mind and that is just not eating enough throughout the day. It’s not an intentional thing and I don’t feel unhealthy, but sometimes I get so wrapped up in the task at hand, or indulged in a book or art project or something and all of a sudden it’s 9pm and I realized I haven’t eaten anything yet that day. I need to become better at making time for proper meals throughout the day. At the beginning of this year, I attempted to become an egg donor and through my initial screening process, I was denied because my BMI was under 18. That was my realization that something about my schedule needed to change! I have since brought my BMI up to a “healthy” weight, but I know it’s something I really need to keep my focus on, otherwise I will continue to find myself in the same situation!

Thanks for reading a little bit about me and I so much look forward to getting to know all of you!

Tiana- Good morning fellow classmates!

My name is Tiana and I live just outside of Kansas City in Overland Park, Kansas. I recently moved from Denver and live with my husband and our newest addition- a black lab puppy. They both keep me busy and on my toes. I work as a laboratory technician for a large medical lab. I am pursing my degree in order to change career paths as I am interested in a more holistic approach. I am enrolled in the Health and Wellness degree and I hope to move into Corporate Wellness and step back from the “frontline” of medicine. I have been fortunate to work for companies that offer wellness programs and have seen how much they can help employees. Our company offers gym memberships, EAP for mental health and counseling, along with nutrition and dietary services. These programs help to boost employee moral and overall wellness. I have signed up to take this class because it is a prerequisite for my degree and it encompasses material that I am very interested in.

An area of wellness I need to work on is my work-life balance. As with most people, Covid has turned my life upside down. Our hours at work have increased and there is mandatory overtime because we do the testing and run the samples. With an influx in testing, and testing capacity, it has been a bit overwhelming. I feel very fortunate that I am still working and try to focus on the positive but after my shift I have found that I am exhausted and have neglected my personal time- including working out and eating properly. Before Covid hit I was very diligent about meal prepping, going to the gym, and made time for my hobbies. With the future being so unpredictable, and this quite possibly becoming a new normal (at least for now), I hope to use tools I learn in this class to incorporate a better approach to my work-life balance.

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