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  1. Select one (1) of the following questions for research. Research sources of information can include Internet sources, books, articles, videos, etc. Every explanation must include a picture/diagram that helps detail your answer.
    • How does Plate Tectonic Theory explain the difference between Mount Saint Helen’s-type eruption (explosive) and a Hawaiian-type eruption (effusive)?
      • Explain the difference between an explosive eruption that builds a stratovolcano and an effusive eruption that builds a shield volcano.
      • Provide a picture/diagram that displays the difference.
      • Explain the difference in tectonic environment of formation for each (convergent plate boundary vs. hot spot).
    • How do geophysicists use paleomagnetism to test the Plate Tectonic Theory?
      • How and when was paleomagnetism discovered?
      • Explain the details of paleomagnetism.
      • Explain how paleomagnetism discovery led to acceptance of Plate Tectonic Theory and provide a diagram or link to a animation/visualization.
    • What type of plate tectonic activity is currently taking place in the Red Sea and East Africa?
      • Discuss the processes that occur at this type of Plate Tectonic boundary.
      • Make a predictions as to what this area will look like 50,000,000 years in the future based on this Tectonic Plate movement.
      • Provide a diagram or link to a animation/visualization.
    • Will California really “fall into the ocean?”
      • Discuss the Tectonic Activity taking place at this type of plate boundary.
      • What will ultimately be the fate of California in the next 50 million years?
      • Provide a diagram or link to a animation/visualization.
    • Who was J. Tuzo Wilson?
      • What is a Wilson cycle?
      • Given an example of a complete cycle.
      • Provide a diagram or link to a animation/visualization
      Grading Criteria
      Demonstrates comprehension of research question through detailed explanations. 3 points
      Applies concepts, definitions, etc. from assigned readings or other reference resources. 3 points
      Includes an explanation of the importance to the study of Historical Geology. 2 points
      Picture or diagram provided 1 point
      Writing is clear, concise and free of spelling and grammatical errors. Uses APA Style to cite reference sources. 2 points
      Comments to two (2) other students’ postings. 4 points
      TOTAL 15 points

      Do not worry about the comments on 2 other students.

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