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I need help with coming up with a capstone project. I orginally was going to focus on HCBS within Medicaid, but the teacher want its to be more concrete. I would love to focus on something regarding Medicaid, HCBS, Medically Complex Waiver, and health care as I would be conducting my research at the SC Dept of Health and Human Services.

For this week’s assignment, you will describe what you are currently considering for your capstone project and site,

Outline a project to address an organizational problem or secure an opportunity for improvement within a human service setting.

  • Describe your capstone project and why it is needed.
  • Describe your goal for your project.
  • Identify your project site.(SCDHHS)
  • Extract a particular element of your initial topic. Then, take that aspect and make it even more specific. For example, if your topic is about education participation of adult learners, you could make the topic more specific by focusing on adult educational attainment. You could then narrow the topic to understanding the persistence rates of first-generation college students.Consider the following questions during your topic refinement process:
    1. Can the topic be enthusiastically pursued?
    2. Can you sustain interest in the topic?
    3. Is the problem solvable?
    4. Is the project worth doing?
    5. Is the project manageable in size?
    6. Will conducting the action research demonstrate independent skills in your discipline?
    7. Will the necessary research prepare you in an area of demand or promise for the future?

    Final checklist and requirements for an appropriate topic:.

    1. The topic will not have more than minimal risk to the participants.
    2. There is a database, agency, or organization to conduct the action research plan.
    3. The project will benefit a specific agency or organization.
    4. The topic is feasible. (Consider time, the scale of the project, and access to organization or information.)
    5. The topic can be examined with one of the approved methodologies and designs.

    Address the following in your initial post: ( This is what you should write on regarding the topic you choose )

    • What is your proposed topic?
    • Who is your potential population of focus and what are the main phenomena you are looking at?
    • What are the current trends you see that support your selection?
    • Describe how you apply design thinking to creating opportunities for change.

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Assignment Solutions


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