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For this Exploration, you will read a research study and respond to questions

Then, write a two page maximum, single-spaced review (4 pages if you double space) that answers the questions below. Keep in mind that the idea here is to show your understanding. Don’t quote from the article. Think of it more as telling the story of the article in your own words. Due Monday before 11pm

  1. Rationale for the Research: Research always exists in the context of previous theory and research. Briefly discuss the prior research and theory that Harasymchuk, Cloutier, Peetz, and Lebreton (2007) used as the basis for their study. Focus on how “relational boredom” is defined and briefly explain what previous researchers have told us about the ways in which couples respond to relational boredom.
  2. Purpose & Hypotheses: The article describes several studies that together are intended to address a broader research question. First, explain the overall purpose of Harasymchuk, et al.’s work and why it takes place across several studies. Don’t re-type their many hypotheses, give an overview that explains what they hoped to learn from this study.
  3. Research Design: Review the research methods used by Harasymcnuk et al. First, did they use correlational or experimental designs? Explain how you know. Then, select one of the studies (Study 1, Study 2a, Study 2b or Study 3) and briefly explain the sample and procedure.
  4. Results: Now, look at the overall results and general discussion section. What have we learned from these studies? Were their hypotheses supported? Explain. Do NOT quote statistics. Write 1-2 paragraphs to explain their overall results in relation to their hypotheses.
  5. Apply the findings: Imagine that you a couple has asked you for advice as they’re experiencing relational boredom. Based on the results of Harasymchuk et al. (2017) what advice would you give them to “spice up the relationship”? Be sure your advice fits the data.

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions


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