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This re-imagine assignment asks you to revise, rewrite or reinvent a Disney character or a Disney movie plot. The goal is to reflect on alternative paths, genres, styles, characteristics, ways of representation and opportunities for Disney stories and characters based on the appraisals, evaluations and critiques of the Disney from our class discussions.

Step 1 : In order to promote the most creativity and flexibility of this assignment, you can choose ONE of the following options for your final writing assignment:

  • Re-create a character: in the character profile and analysis assignment, did you find anything you don’t like about the character? Is there anything you’d wish to “redo” to the character if you were the writer?
  • Re-explore a relational dynamic: in the character profile and analysis assignment, did you find any relation between the main character and a supporting role worth further developing and exploring? Is there anything you’d like to add, supply or enrich to a side storyline or a particular scene?
  • Re-develop a plot: through all the themed movie reviews, did you find any particular storyline in a movie troubling or problematic? Is there any story/ movie you’d hope to be re-designed or revised

Step 2 : Based on what you have decided to do in Step 1, develop the written portion of this assignment which is about 800 words in length (2-3 pages, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman font) and worth 80 points.

For each of the above option, you will always include the following aspects in your writing:

  1. Synopsis: in about one paragraph, provide an introduction of what you will do (which option you choose) and the background of your writing, such as which movie, which version of the movie, which character, which scene you will re-imagine.
  2. Narrative(s): use one-page to recreate a dialogue of a particular scene (be very specific of in which scene or moment the dialogue is happening) that could best represent the changes, revisions or supplements you’d like to make to the story or character(s). Write this portion in the format of a script, which usually includes the following elements:

(1) settings which very briefly describe the environment, the context and the “mood” (atmosphere) of the scene;

(2) dialogues which are consistent with what you’d like to advance in plots and/or achieve in the emotions, relations or characteristics of the characters;

(3) action-gestures which assist the syntax to further reveal the emotions, reactions and actions of a character.

  1. Exposition: reflect on and analyze your narrative writing in 2-3 paragraphs:
  • Explain what you have changed, added or revised in your version of the script, comparing to the original storyline and setting(s).
  • Use at least two concepts you learned from our class to explain and justify why you made these changes
  • Elaborate on what you would hope to achieve with these changes and what opportunities or possibilities your version of the character or the plot provides.

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions


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