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Term Paper Guidelines and Rubric

You have two term papers for this course. Choose two different topics related to the coursework, i.e., global capitalism. These are analysis papers; in other words, you must carefully analyze a topic and draw conclusions based on the analysis. You have many options here but be sure the topic clearly relates to our course readings and discussions so your analysis can be informed by the relevant literature. Be sure you have a focused approach and avoid being too general. Following are some examples of topics:

analyze an aspect of the Industrial Revolution (historical analysis)

analyze recent trends in globalization (current analysis)

significance of the Bretton Woods institutions

role of any institution or organization involved in global economic governance, e.g., the World Bank, IMF, G20, etc. (a comparison of any of these organizations)

examine US-China economic relations and particularly the challenge of Chinese state capitalism

analyze the contribution of individuals to the theories and practice of capitalism and economics, e.g., Adam Smith, Karl Polanyi, Friedrich Hayek, John Maynard Keynes, etc. (an individual analysis or comparison)

compare and contrast varieties of capitalism

a single case study of the growth of capitalism in a particular country

a case study of the growth of capitalism in a region

a comparative study of the growth of capitalism between two or more countries or regions

critique of capitalism, e.g., Marxian, feminist, or other critical theory view

The above list is not exhaustive but should help you when considering a topic. Feel free to choose your own topic but let me know so I can approve and give you guidelines.

The paper should be between 5 and 7 pages and should be presented using a standard academic style, e.g., APA.

Please be sure to follow academic standards of presentation and citation of sources.

Please refer to the rubric below.


Topic: the topic is relevant to the course content.

10 pts

Use of relevant literature: the paper contains reference to literature covered in the course (other sources are encouraged) and these sources are integrated coherently.

20 pts

Analysis: the paper presents a clear and coherent analysis of the topic. You may reference theoretical positions and/or use analytical techniques such as comparison and contrast, cause-effect, etc.

50 pts

Thesis: there is an overall main argument or position that gives focus to the essay and is clearly stated.

10 pts

Presentation: The paper is presented in a standard format, e.g., APA with minimal grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors; the content is logical, coherent, and stylistically appropriate. All sources are appropriately documented.

10 pts


100 pts

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Assignment Solutions


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