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Before you begin this assignment, please be sure to view the following course lectures: Rights and Civil Rights; Feminism and Gay Liberation in the 1970s.

The 1977 National Women’s Conference, held in Houston, Texas, intended to bring together a large cross-section of US women to determine a future governing agenda supportive of women’s rights. Participation in the conference was diverse in many ways; the participants came from across the nation and around the world and the conference included women of diverse racial, socio-economic, and ideological backgrounds. Some conservative women objected to the conference on whole, and staged a counter-conference at the same time in Houston.

KERA-TV, the public television station in Dallas, Texas, filmed the events of the conferences. For this assignment, you will view segments of the documentary.

Please view the documentary here. The documentary can also be accessed here. While students are welcome to view the entire film, for this assignment they may opt only to watch these two segments:



Please answer the following questions. Please draw on specific examples from the documentary in your response:

  • Who, according to the documentary, participated in the National Women’s Conference? What does the film — its narration, its images/visuals, its footage — communicate about the diversity and background of people who attended and participated?
  • Please describe at minimum two debates that took place at the conference over proposed motions/resolutions at the conference. What were arguments for and against the resolution? How do advocates/opponents seek to persuade of their positions?
  • Please describe some of the issues raised by women of color at the conference in their amendment to the minority women’s resolution.
  • Lottie Beth Hobbs defines the difference between the National Women’s Conference and the counter-conference in Houston as a “battle of philosophies.” How so? How were the values/philosophies of the people at the counter-conference distinct from those of the women who participated in the National Women’s Conference?

Please follow the following formatting guidelines for this primary source assignment:

Each question should be answered in at minimum 1-2 paragraphs. All answers must be written in complete sentences.

Students are STRONGLY DISCOURAGED from consulting sources outside of course materials. However, if you do consult an outside source you MUST cite it and provide a bibliographic citation at the end of your paper. Failure to do so constitutes academic dishonesty.

  • Use 12 point Times New Roman font
  • Make sure your assignment is double-spaced
  • Submit your assignment as either a word document or a PDF or type your response directly into the assignment; other formats will not be accepted and will not be graded.

This assignment will be graded according to the following criteria:

  1. Does the assignment address all the questions posed?
  2. Does the assignment demonstrate a close, careful, and thoughtful reading of the primary sources?
  3. Does the assignment demonstrate a strong familiarity with course topics and themes?
  4. Are all the claims made in the assignment accurate?
  5. Does the assignment make sense? Are the ideas within it communicated clearly within it?

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