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This week you are watching and writing about Lindsay Rapport’s dance. One of the things that I noticed is that much of the movement happened in one place. In the second half of that dance, the performers traveled in and out of the circle.

For your movement study, let’s brainstorm some of the ways dancers travel through space. We call this locomotor movement.

Now that you have completed your “pathways” map (you can make up your own pathway. Ex. the pathway you go through in your house every day when you wake up to get a coffee), think about how you will travel along the pathway (s). For instance you probably walk that path each day. What other options are there?

  1. What are some other ways you might travel? (slide? skip? what else?). Add a tempo (fast, slow). Be safe as you try some ways to travel (locomotor) through your home space.
  2. Share your ideas in written or video format to this assignment.

Part 2:

Mini-research guidelines below:

  1. At this point you have chosen your mini-research topic and three on-line sources. (I chose the topic how dance and culture influence each other)
  2. Take notes from each of your on-line sources.
  3. Share your key findings in a one page response using bullet points. You may decide also to record yourself presenting this research.
  4. This page will cover the key information you gather from your notes.
  5. Important: Only put your name at the top of this page. Do NOT put my name and the date. I want you to have space to fill the page with your bullet points.
  6. Cite your on-line sources on a second page.

Part 3:

Your response will be 3 full sentences and include:

  1. What stands out in this video?
  2. Why or what makes you say that? (Just a follow up)
  3. What is something new you learned?

Inside an Apache Rite of Passage Into Womanhood (Links to an external site.)

Liquid Lead Dancing – It takes two to lead | Trevor Copp & Jeff Fox | TEDxMontrea

Part 4:

For our last activity, I’d like you to reflect on your own definition of dance (in this moment).

  1. Go back to your definition in the discussion “Let’s get started”. This will help you think about what to add or change.

(First definition I wrote:  In my opinion, I believe dance is a form of communication that dancers use to interact with others)

  1. consider some of the functions of dance that we have discussed and some of the examples of dance we have looked at during the last 5 weeks.
  2. I only ask that the word ‘body’ be in your definition (Makes me think a painter needs a paint brush and a dancer needs the human body).

Again no right or wrong just leave your definition in the reply below.

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions


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