Two math problems and 1 class discussion

I’m studying for my Mathematics class and need an explanation.

1) Upon examining the contents of 38 backpacks, it was found that 23 contained a black pen, 27 contained a blue pen, and 21 contained a pencil, 15 contained both a black pen and a blue pen, 12 contained both a black pen and a pencil, 18 contained both a blue pen and a pencil, and 10 contained all three items. How many backpacks contained exactly one of the three writing instruments? Also, Please include a Venn Diagram for question 1 only.

A) 3

B) 15

C) 2

D) 11

2) Howard scored in the 60th percentile rank on an exam. If 500 students took the exam, how many students scored lower than Howard?

A) 301

B) 299

C) 302

D) 300

Class Discussion:

Reflect on what you have learned so far in this class, and use your experience to provide some advice to future MATH 105 students. The course includes consumer math, exponential and logarithmic functions, logic, statistics; and probability. Please address the following:

  • How did you initially feel about taking this course?
  • What did you expect to learn? Did your experience match your expectations?
  • What worked well for you in learning the material (text, videos, ALEKS Objective problems, LEO problem sets, discussions, interacting with the instructor, other)?
  • Is there anything you would have done differently? Is there anything that you wish someone had told YOU at the beginning of this class?

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