Try to answer the questions that are post in below in page 138 or the end of the chapter

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Answer the following questions (which can be found on page 138 or at the end of Chapter 4)

Complete the assignment in 2-3 pages and ensure that you identify each question being answered.

  1. How would you go about evaluating the design of this book?
  2. A company is developing a new app that will allow customers to track the progress of their orders. The website developers charge $10,000 for every development week and it is estimated that the design will take 10 weeks from the start of the design project to the launch of the website. Once launched, it is estimated that the new site will attract extra business that will generate profits of $5,000 per week. However, if the website is delayed by more than five weeks, the extra profit generated would reduce to $2,000 per week. How will a delay of five weeks affect the time when the design will break even in terms of cash flow?
  3. How can the concept of modularization be applied to package holidays sold through an online travel agent?
  4. One product where a very wide range of product types is valued by customers is that of domestic paint. Most people like to express their creativity in the choice of paints and other home decorating products that they use in their homes. Clearly, offering a wide range of paint must have serious cost implications for the companies which manufacture, distribute and sell the product. Visit a store which sells paint and get an idea of the range of products available on the market. How do you think paint manufacturers and retailers manage to design their services and products so as to maintain high variety but keep costs under control?

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