Topic: use the following paired areas below associated with Part 2 Attitudes and job satisfaction 2.

Literature review assignment:


1.    use the following paired areas below associated with Part 2

·      Attitudes and job satisfaction

2.    Using theories and models from your literature research critically appraise and evaluate the impact that your selected topic will have on an employee’s motivation at work (include a relevant motivation model or theory) and to Organisational Behaviour.

Consider, for example, why study the topics? How are they useful to organisations? How are they useful to managers? What are the key theories/models? Why is motivation important? How does a knowledge of the topics help (or hinder) employee motivation? Why are the topics important in understanding employee’s behaviour at work? Critique them i.e. what are the limitations? What might not work in this region? Etc. etc.


  1. at least 10 academic resources ( 2 Books & Journal articles)
  2. Harvard Referencing and citation

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Assignment Solutions