the documentary film The Making of Mary Poppins

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Please watch three segments from the documentary film The Making of Mary Poppins.

(Each segment is about 6-9 minutes long.)

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Then please write a response (350-word total) to the following:

In past EN classes, students established a working definition of what it means to be “superheroic” from a literary point of view.

  • Past EN students have said that an author/creator who is superheroic: innovates, invents, inspires, influences, has imagination, and is introspective (i.e. sees the complexity in humanity and presents it in their characters and stories). Based upon the information in The Making of Mary Poppins, how does Walt Disney fit our definition of a “superheroic” author/creator? If so, which of the attributes we listed are the most applicable to Walt Disney?
  • Past EN students have said that a superheroic character exhibits charisma, personality, emotionality, courage, bravery, selflessness, a moral code, an interest in growing/learning/transformation, ambition, perseverance in the face of hardship, and a commitment to using their special gifts and abilities positively and especially to help others. Which information in The Making of Mary Poppins might fit Walt Disney into this category as well?
  • Return to thinking about your experiences with Disney from the time you were young. Pretend that it’s time for show-and-tell on our class Discussion board. Provide a photo of an item or memory or colorful image or something that you can use to represent the most important Disney character or movie to YOU, and write a paragraph about your first experiences with Disney explaining your show-and-tell photo of your item, memory, or image

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