The country report should integrate macroeconomic concepts. In particular, you should address the country’s economic growth, unemployment, inflation and factors that affect productivity. When evaluating your country, provide content with in the reigion.

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The length of the written report must be 4-6 pages and in the APA format. Please note that the cover page, abstract and references page should be excluded from the minimum page count. This means having a cover page, abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, and references page.

Cover Page

It is important to have the proper heading and header on this first page. Make sure the heading is centered properly along the middle of the page. There should be a header with the page number in the right-hand corner.


The abstract should be written after utilizing a page break after the cover page and it should include two parts. The first part describes the scope of your paper, which should detail how you will be evaluating your country. The last part should summarize your country’s overall economic performance. Make sure it complies with the APA format.


The introduction is essential as it draws in the interest of the reader. Be creative in introducing the topic. Explain why this issue is important. Then close it with an effective thesis statement that demonstrates the purpose of the paper.


The body of the paper should be multiple paragraphs. When doing an analysis of the country, refer back to the concepts that we learned in the following chapters:

  • Chapter 6 – The Macroeconomic Perspective
  • Chapter 7 – Economic Growth
  • Chapter 8 – Unemployment
  • Chapter 9 – Inflation
  • Chapter 10 – The International Trade and Capital Flows (Optional)
  • Chapter 16 – Exchange Rates and International Capital Flows (Optional)
  • Chapter 17 – Government Budgets and Fiscal Policy

This could also entail reviewing a country’s political and economic institutions. Having an understanding of the nation’s political structure can be instructive in determining operating effectiveness of the country. When looking at economic indicators, such as economic growth, unemployment and inflation, there should be a paragraph devoted to each part. You research data from the past few years and see what their trends are.

It is very important that you use both internal and external citations. Whenever you are citing a fact or opinion that is not your own, then you should use an internal citation that is formatted in APA format. Primarily, you will want to paraphrase rather than use quotes when citing sources. However if you do use a quote, make sure that you can attribute it to a specific individual and it should not be longer than two lines. Otherwise, you should paraphrase. Any sources that you use within the paper should also have an external citation, which is the References page. Make sure to use the APA format properly.


Think of the conclusion like the closing argument of a lawyer. You want to draw upon the key points outlined from the body, but then use your own words to describe the country’s overall performance. You will want to highlight whether you think their performance is good or not based on how they compare with similar countries within their region or the world. If they are doing well, identify factors contributing to their prosperity. If they are not doing well, then explain what factors might be inhibiting their success.


Use the APA format in listing all sources referencing in paper. Make sure indentation and format is accurate.

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