Submit a Documented Essay and an Annotated Bibliography upon request.

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Module 6: Beginning the Documented Essay: Topic and Expectations

1. Documented Essay Assignment and Topic

We are ready to begin working on our research essay although it is not due for another week or more. We will all use the same topic, a simple one that is focused on explaining Juan Rulfo’s Pedro Paramo, when it was written, what it is about, its influence on Latin American Literature. I suggest that you start with simple research about Pedro Paramo.

As you prepare this essay please beware that you must include and quote three to five outside sources, use the MLA format, and in the process of the paper explain Pedro Paramo, its origins, intentions, and influences. If you have any questions, please email me immediately.

We are doing the same topic for a variety of reasons, the first being, I do not want something purchased from a cheating site like Course Hero. When our software reveals that you have done that, you are no longer a member of this class. You will receive an unconditional and final F in the class, no discussion, no appeal.

I made the topic very simple, so if you have never written a documented essay, you will still have no trouble. You can use as few as three sources, as I say above, and we have been working the whole term on the format, except we now will deploy several quotations and certainly a works cited page.

We are starting in Module 6 so that you may begin to gather some sources to quote, begin an Annotated Bibliography, and get started–with plenty of time to ask all the questions you want to ask.

Why don’t you start with a search of Juan Rulfo and the title of his famous short novel, Pedro Paramo.

I will give you an alternative topic, directly related to the paper we did for characterization, but this one requiring three to five sources and a works cited. Please read about that option below if you are interested. I will warn you in advance that the paper will be somewhat more challenging in that your research will be a great deal more focused. You make your own choice.

2. Second Possible Topic for the Documented Research Essay

If you do not like the first topic, you can do this one:

One of the great works of literature in the last 100 years, ironically, is Gabriel Garcia-Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude. Now our topic here is very specific, and you do not want to deviate into discussing the narrative structure, plot or something else. The topic here is as follows:

The Critical Reception and Reactions to Gabriel Garcia-Marque’s One Hundred Years of Solitude

Here the point of your essay–if you like this topic–will be to find specific comments on the great novel by any number of artists in the world, to include Mo Yan and almost every writer in the second half of the last century. Explain that your paper is demonstrating what people thought–or think–of this novel and its influence. Perhaps you can devote a paragraph to several commentaries. Obviously, a great writer’s opinion is worth more than the ninth grade student in the honors class in his or her town. Look up specific people, what they say, and quote them, attempting to build a case for the power and influence of this novel.

NOTE here you must have a minimum of five sources, all of which must be quoted minimum of one time each. Use all aspects of MLA format as with our other papers. Remember, if you have questions, email the instructor.

3. This essay should be multiple paragraphs, perhaps some 1,000 words or at least close to that number. You must have three to five sources, all of which are quoted in the body of the paper at least once consistent with the MLA style. The paper uses parenthetical references and must have a Works Cited, which, unlike the annotated bibliography, contains the reference but not the annotations. The Documented essay first draft may be posted this week in Module 7, particularly if you want plenty of time to revise the essay for that second grade. Should you submit the essay this week, you will receive preferential treatment, have your final draft graded early, and could be free the final week of any writing. However, most students will submit this first draft in the week of Module 8. There will still be time to get that second draft turned in, but do your best to submit your draft as early as possible in order to be certain you have plenty of time

4. An annotated bibliography is basically the same as any works cited or references page but, and there is one big difference: after each reference, there are a few brief sentences summarizing the contents of the reference listed above it in the bibliography. The bibliography is still a list of sources in alphabetical order, but the difference is the summary of the article, book, or any other source appears immediately below the MLA reference–and this is called the annotation, hence an “annotated” bibliography. If you have any questions, Google annotated bibliography examples and look at one or more. To save time and be working on your documented essay at the same time, there is some logic to using the research items for Magical Realism for this assignment. You will be working on your documented essay as you do so, as well as meeting the requirements for this week’s assignment. As always, if you have even the smallest question, please email the instructor. There is an example of an annotated bibliography posted in the Module 7 materials.

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