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Assignment 1: Motivational Game PlanPart 1: Investing In Your TeamDue Week 3and worth 125 points.

“If you want to build a great team, you must understand people, know how to relate to them, and know how to bring out the best in them.”– Coach GibbsIntroductionIn this course, you’re learning Coach’s strategies for motivating teams. So far you’ve discovered how motivation satisfies team member’s fundamental needs, why team members are motivated by either intrinsic or extrinsic needs, and how investing in employees and teams motivates them to succeed. You’ve also learned the importance of investing in your team by supporting growth mindset, using job-sculpting, and providing work flexibility. Now, you’ll apply that knowledge in this week’s assignment by putting together a Motivational Game Plan for your new employees at the fictional dealership Hometown Cars.

As you learned in Course 1, a game plan is simply a set of practical steps that can turn your ideas into reality. A Motivational Game Plan should help you define your motivational approach to driving your team to success. This week’s assignment focuses on investing in your team and is the first part of a complete Motivational Game Plan that you will develop throughout this course. While completing this assignment, be sure to connect your responsesto the course content you’ve learned so far. You should use specific phrases, ideas, and quotes from the Strayer Videos, Coach’s Huddle, Weekly Readings, and/or Discussion Questions to explain and support your thoughts.Example: “When Coach talked about giving the pit crew second jobs at JGR, it showed me how a real-world company invests in its team and how that benefits both the employee and the company.”Formatting:This course requires the use of Strayer Writing Standards (SWS). The format may be different than other Strayer University courses. Please take a moment to review the SWS document for details. (Note: You’ll be prompted to enter your Blackboard login credentials to view these standards. You may also find a download link on the Blackboard assignment page.)Wait! Before you submit your assignment to Blackboard, did you… •Review the scoring guide? The scoring guide will give you a clear understanding of the assignment’s expectations.•Check your assignment for grammatical errors? •Review your answers for clarity? •Reach out to your instructor if you have any questions?

Motivational Game Plan: Part 1 Investing In Your Team WorksheetHometown Cars Company Profile: Hometown Cars is a small, full-service car dealership. They offer new car sales, used car sales, and a parts and service department. Recently, the general manager left the organization, and all of the departments have been struggling to meet their profit goals. Last week you were hired as the new general manager. You understand that some big changes need to be made to turn around the company’s profits. And to do this, you’ll create a Motivational Game Plan that will help optimize the team’s performance. The first step in this process is to identify how the company can invest in its team members.Please do the following:This assignment has 3 parts. Answer the questions in Part 1, then complete the table in Part 2 and answer the questions in Part 3.PART 1: Investing In Your Team You’ve talked to the Hometown Cars employees one-on-one to see how they feel about their current work environment. Below are 3 observations that employees have shared. For each of these observations, write 1-2 sentences detailing 1) the type of investment you will use (Supporting Growth Mindset, Job-sculpting, or Work Flexibility) and how you will use it to invest in your team. (See the Coach’s Huddle in Week 3 for a refresher on investing in your team.)Growth Mindset:Growth mindset means you believe that you can improve (or “grow”) abilities such as intelligence, talent, and skills through hard work and self-discipline.Job-sculpting: Job-sculpting means developing an employee’s role so that their work duties match what they are passionate about; what interests them.Work Flexibility: Work flexibility means allowing employees to work when and where is best for them, as long as they get the job done.EXAMPLE SCENARIO: Your assistant manager, Jorge, shows potential for being a general manager. One day he mentions that he really enjoys the financial side of managing. EXAMPLE RESPONSE: Job-sculpting. I would give Jorge the opportunity to take ownership of tracking invoices for the company.6 1. Employees tell you there doesn’t appear to be the option for personal career development at Hometown Cars. For instance, competition within the sales department prevents seasoned sales associates from mentoring new sales associates, and the company doesn’t offer any formal training. 2. A few of the sales associates have emphasized that they are car enthusiasts and take a genuine interest in how the cars they sell perform. However, because of the animosity between departments, they’ve never been allowed to really explore the cars they sell.3. Employees share that they are stressed because it feels like there is little opportunity to take care of important personal issues – like keeping up with doctor’s appointments and attending their children’s school functions. (Work Flexibility)7 PART 2: Satisfying Intrinsic & Extrinsic NeedsChoose 1 of your responses above. Now, fill in the chart below to identify the level and needsfrom Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs pyramid that your response addresses. Then, explain whether your approach satisfies intrinsic or extrinsic motivation. Be sure to justify your response. (See the Coach’s Huddle in Week 2 for a refresher on Maslow’s Hierarchy and Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Motivation.)8 Your Approach(Choose 1 From Section 1)Level on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Needs Addressed(1-3 sentences)Int rinsic or Extrinsic? (1-3 sentences)EX: I would give Jorge the opportunity to take ownership of tracking invoices for the company.Improving his knowledge and skills by taking ownership of invoices, allows Jorge to satisfy his self-actualization needs (the desire to be the most he can be), the highest level on Maslow’s pyramid. Because this task allows him to work toward a general manager position, it also satisfies his safety needs (job security), which are in the second level of the pyramid. Jorge is extrinsically motivated to work toward a promotion. However, his desire to hone his financial management skills can be considered an intrinsic motivation because it is one of his internal interests. PART 3: Why Investing In Your Team Will Work1. In 1-2 sentences below, explain why investing in your team is a good foundation for Hometown Cars’ Motivational Game Plan. Be sure to include details from your approach in Part 2 to justify your response.Example: Being given the task of tracking invoices motivates Jorge to dedicate himself to the continued success of the company. By diversifying his skill set and developing new skills, he will become a better candidate for a promotion. He will also be motivated to do well because he knows that by performing his best, he will have a better chance at a promotion and the job security that comes along with it.9 Motivational Game Plan: Part 3 Competition and RewardsAs the owner and manager of your new company, you have decided to create a Motivational Game Plan to help optimize your employees’ performance and give future managers guidelines for motivating your team to success. In the last assignment, you developed a 1-year (long-term) goal. Now, you will use that goal to create a competition with rewards that will drive your employees to perform their best. Please do the following:This is a 2 part assignment. Complete the table in Part 1 of the worksheet. Then, answer the questions in Part 2.PART 1: Competition & RewardsYour job is to design a competition for your employees based on the long-term goal you set in Assignment 2. Look back at Coach’s Huddle in Week 5 to review the information on competition. Fill in the chart below to explain the competition, whether it is direct or cooperative, and the reward that will be given.Long-Term Goal (From Assignment 2)Details of CompetitionDirect or CooperativeExplain the reward(s) you will offer.(1-2 sentences)EXAMPLE:My long-term goal for my grocery store is to increase specialty cake sales at the bakery by 10% by next year.To achieve my goal, I’ll divide bakery sales associates into teams of 2 and create a cake selling competition. The team that sells the most specialty cakes each month wins.Cooperative Competition Members of the winning team will each receive a $50.00 bonus in their next paycheck.PART 2: Communication, Celebration, and Motivation101. In 2-5 sentences, please explain how you chose the reward for the competition. Is the reward appropriate for the type and length of the competition you developed? EXAMPLE: The competition is judged on a monthly basis and therefore the reward needed to be something that reflected a month’s work of work. It also has to fit into a budget where 12 rewards could be handed out over a year-long period. 2. In 2-5 sentences, please explain how you will communicate the details of your competition and the rewards offered to your team.EXAMPLE: I will communicate the details of my bakery competition and the available rewards in the weekly store-wide meeting. I will give updates on the competition at the daily bakery meetings, and maintain a bulletin board in the breakroom with weekly team results.3. In 2-3 sentences justify the importance of recognizing and celebrating success within your team.EXAMPLE: By recognizing the bakery team that wins each month, I will unite the entire bakery in an overall goal to increase bakery sales. This will encourage the whole bakery team to work together, creating a bond. Those who win will want to repeat their performance, and those who do not will see the type of performance it takes to succeed and strive for that. 4. How will your competition and rewards motivate your team to success?EXAMPLE: This competition will increases team spirit. The reward is significant enough to increase motivation in the bakery. Recognizing winners at group meetings will also boost morale.

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