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The purpose of this outline is to help you organize your thoughts and ideas into a structured

speech. It will help you arrange and format your main points and sub-points so that your

speech is clear to your audience. Your Speech of Introduction Outline is worth

50 points. Your outline should be typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, and follow Small Section directions. Be

sure to print and attach the Speech of Introduction Outline Grade Sheet to the front of your

outline on its due date. Also, you have to submit your outline online with Turitin.com through

your Small Section BlackBoard site.

Your outline should follow the format on the following page; it should be clean and easy to

read/follow. I will grade your outline for both content and format. I will grade what you say,

how you organize what you say, and your grammar, spelling, and punctuation (G/S/P). I will

also grade how closely you follow proper outline format and subordination. (Do your main

points align? Are your sub-points consistent?) It is a full sentence outline so that I can read

what you will present to the class on your speech day. If your Attention Getter is a quote, do

NOT write “I will present a famous quote”. Write out the actual quote; I want to read it.

A title page is not necessary. This outline is graded for both content and format. I will mark

down for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. I will evaluate the main points you

make in your outline, how you support your main points with evidence/examples (sub-points),

and I will grade how you say it (G/S/P). Remember that proofreading can only improve your


In this outline, you will learn the following Student Learning Objectives:

1. Choose and narrow a topic appropriately for this audience.

2. Generate a well-reasoned argument for this specific audience.

3. Assess the strength of relative arguments and supporting evidence.

4. Create content formatted to an approved organizational pattern appropriate to time

and purpose.

5. To use correct Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling.

6. Develop a well crafted, specific thesis statement.

7. To effectively utilize the rule of subordination.

8. To appropriately demonstrate the rule of division.

9. To understand and incorporate the rule of parallel wording.

10. Make connections between the material and your own lives and experiences.

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Speech of Introduction Outline

Due Date

General Purpose: To inform/introduce

Specific Purpose:

I. Introduction

A. (Attention Gainer)

B. (Thesis Statement)

C. (Preview Main Points)

II. Body

A. (Main Point # 1)

1. (Sub-Point # 1)

2. (Sub-Point # 2)


B. (Main Point # 2)

1. (Sub-Point # 1)

2. (Sub-Point # 2)

III. Conclusion

A. (Restate Thesis)

B. (Restate Main Points)

C. (Reason to Remember)

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