Special Project: Final Assessment

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You will want to send in this reflection after you have received comments from other students in the online forum where you shared the project. You will also need to see a variety of other projects to do this assignment well.

In your reflection, please write at least one paragraph on each of these questions.

1. Please give a brief summary of what you did for your project and what you accomplished. In what ways do you think it was a success?

2. What did you learn from doing this project? How has your work on the project strengthened your appreciation of your topic and the work done by historians? You might also comment on how you have grown as a researcher, thinker, writer, artist, or educator.

3. Based on the feedback you got in the forum, what do you think other students learned from your project? What insights did you gain from the feedback? Do you think the project helped students grasp the three key points you shared in your Special Project: Research Report (please restate the three key points you planned to get across).

4. Please comment on what you learned from other projects, and how this relates to what you learned from doing your project. Feel free to comment on why you think they were effective. How did the projects give you a better picture of our history? Please mention at least four other projects. It helps if you mention how some of them relate to your project.

As a reference point for your instructor, please attach the project (or what you shared in the online forum). That will help me out, so I don’t have to dig it up in the online forum!

Please turn this reflection in after you have gotten plenty of feedback in the online forum. The assignment is officially due on Nov 22 with a grace period to Tuesday, Nov 26.

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Assignment Solutions