Software Discussion (professional ethics and communication in Technology-related Fields)

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Read the following introduction and answer the questions. Then reply to at least three (3) of your classmates’ answers with value-added replies (e.g., not just “I agree”):

Hello everyone! My name is Benjamin Whitehead and I am very excited to lead this ethical discussion on software!

In this article, the author Robin K. Hill mentions the ethical problem of software neglect, and it is a very interesting article for anyone who is interested in entering the world of software!

I have prepared an initial set of questions on this reading, that everyone should go through and post their answers to the discussion thread on Canvas.

Here are the initial questions:

  1. Do you agree with Robin’s initial point that lack of code documentation and quality is an issue in software today? Have you ever worked with a piece of code that had little documentation? If so, how quickly were you able to adapt and effectively use that code?
  2. Do you believe that programmers should be more responsible for the code they release, either closed source to a private company or open source to the community? Do you believe that releasing code with a lack of quality violates any ethical principles?
  3. Do you believe that Robin’s solution of telling people who use certain code that it may be unreliable is a good solution? Do you have any other ideas on how the relationship between the developers who use code and the ones who create it can be improved?

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