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Unfortunately violence and abuse are parts of many families worldwide. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, which we have covered during this semester. Some cultures still hold onto old traditions that harm and oppress girls and women. Patriarchies rule the nations of the world to the detriment of half the global population. Child marriages, Female Genital Mutilation, (Links to an external site.) forbidding girls an education, and other restrictive policies and laws continue to keep women as second (or third) class citizens in many parts of the world.

In the U.S. it wasn’t until very recently (1993) that marital rape was considered a crime. (Links to an external site.) Still there are many loopholes that can be used by husbands to escape prosecution. As we have learned from historical facts on marriage, women have always been at a disadvantage. Laws that prevented them from owning or inheriting property, laws that did not allow them to file for divorce, even in situations of abuse, these are things that women have dealt with for centuries.

Intimate partner violence (IPV) is widespread in all countries. This includes sexual violence, stalking, including cyber stalking, physical violence and psychological aggression. (13.1) In many places it is an accepted fact that women will be abused, beaten, even murdered because they “did not do what was expected of them.”

Chapter 13 is filled with definitions and measurements and types of IPV. It can be stressful just reading through it. However, it is important that we understand the magnitude of this issue both regarding intimate relationships and family relationships. There are sections on child abuse and elder abuse and explanations to better understand the issue as well as consequences to the victims.


Please look at the Power and Control Wheel on page 339. Do you recognize any of these behaviors from you own relationships or of family members or friends? Why are some of these condoned in our society?

Can you think of specific examples of patriarchy in the US that would condone and perpetuate intimate partner violence? Examples in less developed countries that condone or perpetuate violence? How are these examples similar or different?

Gender-based violence is a real problem and Macomb Community College has instituted some programming to combat this. Every semester for the past 5 years we have offered lectures, workshops, and discussion groups under the heading ONE BILLION RISING. (Links to an external site.) This is a global campaign against gender violence. I would like you to check out the website and see what types of events happen every year. Choose one of them to tell me about. Why did you choose this particular event? Would you organize or attend such an event locally? How needed is this type of discussion on our campuses?

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Assignment Solutions

Assignment Solutions


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