Social Worker Role-Play Script

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Using the same Role-Play Script Template provided this week, provide a detailed script that includes verbatim dialogue, identifies non-verbal communication, and identifies practice skills/behaviors used. In the required transcript, include:

  • A description of the fictional agency setting and types of services provided at this agency
  • A description of the client system (depending on the client level you selected—micro, mezzo, or macro)
  • An explanation of the presenting concern
  • A description of the client session scene in which you implement the GIM step and practice skills you have selected for working with this client system
  • A verbatim script of the dialogue, which depicts the techniques you would use to implement the GIM step and the practice skills you selected for the client interaction (column 1 in the template), that occurs between you, as the social work intern, and the client(s)
  • A description of the visual cues or non-verbal communication that both the social worker and the client exhibited during the interaction that support the GIM step and practice skills you selected (column 2 in the template)
  • An identification of specific practice techniques/skills demonstrated (column 3 in the template)

Client Systems Role-Play Script Template


RolePlay Title:

1. Agency Setting and Services Provided at Agency:

2. Client Profile (demographic details, practice level):

3. Presenting Concern:

4. Scene Description From the Client Session:

5. Practice Skills or Behaviors Demonstrated in Role-Play:

Audio (dialogue)

Video (client and social worker visual cues)

Social worker practice skills and or behavior

This column should include a verbatim script of the dialogue between the social worker(you) and the client.


Social Worker: Hello, Eboni.It is nice to see you. What brings you to the agency today?

Eboni: I think I have made a decision about my pregnancy,but I don’t know how to tell my parents and my boyfriend.

This column should describe the non-verbal communication in the interaction.


The social worker smiles and gestures for Eboni to sit down in the empty chair across from the social worker’s desk.

Eboni slowly pulls back the chair, sits down, and then looks at the floor.

This column should include the skills you are employing to respond to the material arising in the first two columns.


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