Self-Care Stress and Sleep Management Program

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It is important that we maintain our own health and well-being in order for us to most effectively help others maintain theirs. It is also important for us to have experienced many (if not all) of the strategies that we recommend to others that can improve stress and sleep management. This assignment will help to achieve both of these important aspects of being a health and wellness coach.


This course has offered a great deal of information about managing stress, sleep and fatigue that can be used as a health and wellness coach. This information can (and should) also be applied within our own lives for our own health and well-being and so that we are best able to help others. Your assignment is to design a stress and sleep management program for yourself. The Epilogue of Seawards book will help you with the stress management portion of this assignment. In addition to completing the four steps in the Epilogue, design a sleep management program for yourself as well. Please use the rubric as a guide for the components that should be included within your program.

Read pages 543-546 in the Seaward textbook. Seaward lays out a 4 step process that can be used to create your own stress management program. Using these 4 steps, complete a paper that you can be use personally to explain and manage your own stress and sleep. Steps 1, 2, and 3 allow you to brainstorm, reflect and analyze strategies for completing step 4. Step 4 allows you to create your personal stress-management strategy. This is more in the format of a personal plan that you can refer to often. You have the freedom to write, map it, or add embellishments to this plan to make it as personal to your situation as possible.

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