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Read the attached article and respond to these questions (if possible cite another article in your response): 1. In the article, the author uses Indian investors to determine if investors’ purchase postponement decisions are influenced by psychological factors. Do you think that the psychological profiles of Indian investors are a fair comparison for all other emerging investors, even with regards to differing cultures and influences that may impact behavioral/psychological factors? Why or why not? 2. The article uses the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) to understand the purchase postponement decisions made by the investors in that exchange. One could argue the usage of the S&P (Standard & Poor) would have been a better exchange to use for analysis, as the majority of international investors trade on it, and thus a better understanding of psychological profiles of investors could have been had. Why do you think the authors of this article went with the BSE over the S&P? Was it to their benefit? 3. The article concludes that their study has demonstrated that psychological profiles do in fact have on investor’s post purchase decisions. Additionally, one conclusion the authors reach is that policy makers should make it less complex for investors to invest in the markets by organizing investor education programs to promote the diversification of securities in one’s portfolio. Do you agree with the author’s conclusion that government should interfere with the education of the public about security trading? Why or why not?

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