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Assignment Overview

Now that the process of negotiation has been examined, let’s move forward to studying how we best prepare for negotiations, and how distributive bargaining works. Preparations, as in all aspects of life, are necessary for success. The same goes for negotiations. The better prepared you are to enter into and participate in the process, the more likely you can achieve a favorable outcome. Preparing for a negotiation or bargaining session will also reduce your anxiety and uncertainty, and allow time for you to define what is most important to you in the session’s potential outcome. It also allows you to gather as much relevant information as possible, listing the information and valuing it in a logical way to then make use of it during the bargaining. Once you define your specific goal, you can keep your focus on that goal in a rational and positive manner.

The process of distributive bargaining allows discussions to try to narrow the distance between the two sides. How is the pie best cut up to try to please both sides (or to be least offensive)? The “pie,” in the business world, could refer to items such as tangible products, services, capital, skills, information, or other resources. Each side will want to achieve its original goal; however, compromise is often needed to close the distance.

Preparations for the actual bargaining are critical. To a large extent, your power in bargaining is dependent upon how clear you are in your stated goals/desired outcome, your knowledge of acceptable alternatives, your walk-away values, and also how much you know about your opponents. Although we cannot promise a successful outcome of the negotiation and bargaining, we can prepare ourselves well by understanding the processes and best practices as fundamental steps that will ensure a more productive encounter.

Case Assignment

Using the background resources presented, as well as peer-reviewed sources of your own, create a PowerPoint presentation of 12-15 slides that clearly summarize the best practices that a healthcare manager should employ to best prepare for both negotiations and distributive bargaining. Include speaker’s notes to further expand upon and explain your points.

Assignment Expectations

  1. Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to support your presentation.
  2. Provide 12-15 quality PowerPoint slides of bulleted-point information content (with speaker’s notes), not including title page and reference slides. Do not forget to use in-text citations.
  3. Support your presentation with peer-reviewed articles and reliable sources. Use at least three references, and a minimum of two of these from peer-reviewed sources. For additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals, see and for evaluating internet sources:
  4. You may use the following source to assist in formatting your references and in-text citations for your slides: Paraphrase all source information into your own words carefully and use in-text citations.

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Assignment Solutions


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