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500 word discussion,

Discussion Chapter 7 – A Comparative Analysis of Tools and Technologies for Policy Making

Weekly Chapter Discussions: WEEK 7 – Chapter 7 – A Comparative Analysis of Tools and Technologies for Policy Making

In the weekly Discussion tab in the course, the Professor and students interact to explore course concepts. Discussions always close Sunday, 11:59 P.M EST.

For full credit, you are required to post on three different days (three-time each week) and follow the guidelines for frequency and quality provided below. For your initial post, address the four sections below, and write NO more than 500 words. Your contributions should be in your own words; quote very sparingly. Be concise. All other contributions would be a reflection of the contributions of your classmates. After your initial post, reply to the contributions by your classmates and follow the guidelines for the frequency and quality of your contributions.

  • CHAPTER SUMMARY: Summarize chapter presented during the week. Identify the main point (as in “What’s your point?”), thesis, or conclusion of the key ideas presented in the chapter.
  • SUPPORT: Do research outside of the book and demonstrate that you have in a very obvious way. This refers to research beyond the material presented in the textbook. Show something you have discovered from your own research. Be sure this is obvious and adds value beyond what is contained in the chapter itself.
  • EVALUATION: Apply the concepts from the appropriate chapter. Hint: Be sure to use specific terms and models directly from the textbook in analyzing the material presented and include the page in the citation.
  • SOURCES: Include citations with your sources. Use APA style citations and references.

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