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Can you help me understand this Law question?

1. Great post overall. I’d like to add on to your answer for part one, question number two just a bit. In addition to all of the biological evidence that you mentioned, there are also many other types of physical evidence that may be found at a crime scene. These types of evidence can be found at either the initial crime scene, or also the secondary crime scene. It includes traceable evidence such as shoe prints or tire tracks, which can help give direction to the crime and possibly even lead to the perpetrator. It also includes tool marks, ballistics, and blood pattern analysis. These types of evidence shed some light on the crime itself such as what weapon was used and how the crime was acted out. To name just a few more, there is digital evidence, video evidence, and evidence in the form of documents. This can include things such as text messages, bank statements, or even surveillance recording of the crime actually happening.

2. From what I’ve learned, the first responding officer tends to be the primary officer. That means that while they do have those many responsibilities you listed, it is also their job to delegate and tell the officers that show up after them what needs to be done.

It’s sort of disappointing to learn that evidence is not as amazing as it is on T.V. In crime shows the evidence is always enough to get the bad guy and it almost always gives definite results. There are no results where the odds are 1-in-10,000 that a person would have the thing found in the evidence.

The chain of evidence is very important as if the list of who handled the evidence is not properly done then the defense could use that to argue that evidence was tampered with.

I think that glue can be used to make fingerprints visible is pretty interesting. I would like to see how it actually works.

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