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Note: I need you to complete the plan files first and write a report on the two plans in about 400 words(200 words each). The report is just used for presentation and I will create a PowerPoint according to your report. Make sure you list the bullet points as outline separately after you write the report so that I can create the slides. Each deliverable as outlined at the end of each presentation deck.

Tip for Quality management plan:

a hotel is about rooms, meals, staff providing service, etc. So for the pre-opening phase, what is your approach / plan to ensure we achieve quality? How do you measure quality of the rooms? How do you measure quality of the restaurants? How do you measure quality of the service? I’ll give you a good example. Guest satisfaction shows whether or not guests “like” your hotel and restaurants and staff service. How do we measure this? a.) Internal: online guest satisfaction surveys after guest checks out and b.) External: Tripadvisor. So, for me to give a GM a KPI for this one during the pre-opening I would tell him/her: “You must achieve an 80% score in terms of guest satisfaction, or 4.5 stars in TripAdvisor in the first 6 months of the opening.” It needs to be MEASURABLE. Otherwise “good services” is subjective. And if you don’t measure, you can’t improve…

Tip for Scope of work (procurement plan):

chose “Towels” and describe to the vendor what you need/want, etc. If someone comes to you and says: “I need towels”, what would you ask? Colour, size, quality, threat count, logo, etc. etc. Clear?


The new hospitality project previously assigned to your project management team is currently in the construction phase.

The next key milestone is “top-off” of the building. At this point, the fit-out phase and pre-opening phase will commence in parallel.

The hotel management company has started the recruitment process of preopening general manager, who will lead the pre-opening team to a successful “on-time, on-brand, on-budget, on-customer” new hotel/resort opening. The successful

candidate will commence his/her duties on 01 July 2021.

Assignment :project Management Plan

The project management team has received the verbal approval from the project sponsor to initiate the pre-opening phase.

The assignment is to prepare all relevant project documents and constitute the project management plan for the preopening phase of the assigned hospitality project. The plan must be ready prior to the onboarding of the pre-opening general manager and must focus on the project management aspects of the preopening phase.

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Assignment Solutions


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