Respond to two discussion posts about the American with disability act

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Respond to both posts in your own words by either agreeing/disagreeing with their points and stating why or why not.

1) The purpose of the American with Disability Act is to protect the civil rights of individuals with disabilities in several aspects, for instance accesses to transport, access to stores/ restaurants, and employment. This act provides equality for people with disabilities and also applies different accommodations that are needed. From the link provided both employment and public services are important to be in place because this allows people disabilities to be included and be able to find a job with reasonable accommodations and public services must be accessible for transportation for individuals with disabilities. The centerpiece of any discrimination legislation is employment discrimination, and Title prohibits most employers from discriminating against qualified individuals with disabilities. Title II also prohibits disability discrimination in public services (Hall, 2004). I believe they serve a great purpose in accommodating and including people with disabilities as it provides an alternative way for them to be part of the community. For instance, employment creates accommodations for applicants and employees with disabilities and prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability in all aspects of employment(Job Accommodation Network, 2012). Just as public services cannot deny services to people with disabilities or deny participation in programs or activities that are available to people without disabilities(Job Accommodation Network, 2012).The ADA act and the five titles are appropriate laws and regulations in creating a more equitable society for people with disabilities. It allows them to be protected and allows them to also have rights set in place, just like everyone else. Often employments and restaurants discriminate against people with disabilities but having the ADA act, allows people with disabilities to be protected and included within the society.

2) The purpose of the ADA is defined to, “protects the civil rights of people with disabilities in all aspects of employment, in accessing public services such as transportation, and guaranteeing access to public accommodations such as restaurants, stores, hotels and other types of buildings to which the public has access” (Disability & Education Laws, 2017). The ADA aids in creating equality for those who are disabled. Equality is crucial and the ADA puts regulations and rules in place to protect this equality. Areas that The ADA covers in regards to equality, accessibility, and protection are employment, public services, public accommodations, telecommunications, and miscellaneous (Job Accommodation Network, 2012). The two titles I will discuss are employment and public services.

First, employment is extremely significant in creating equality. We have learned throughout the course that finances are heavily affected by disabilities. Those who disabled and their families undergo various financial burdens and even fall into poverty. If employment was not a title under the ADA, discrimination would further the hardships of finances by preventing those who are disabled from finding employment. This act protects those who are disabled once they are hired as well. The source explains, “Reasonable accommodation includes, for example, restructuring jobs, making work-sites and workstations accessible, modifying schedules, providing services such as interpreters, and modifying equipment and policies” (Job Accommodation Network, 2012). In order to create an equal workplace, employees must meet the needs of all of their employees. This is important because all employees should not feel at risk at work and should feel as though they are in a supportive work environment, mentally and physically.

Secondly, public serves play a major role in creating equality and providing accommodations. The source defines this title’s duties as, “public services (which include state and local government agencies, the National Railroad Passenger Corporation, and other commuter authorities) cannot deny services to people with disabilities or deny participation in programs or activities that are available to people without disabilities” (Job Accommodation Network, 2012). These services must be accessible to every single person and must include the proper additions to do so. This needs to be in place because society cannot just exclude a group of people because they lack the accessibility. That would be a direct disadvantage and disservice to those who are disabled. There needs to be accommodations all on public services to promote inclusion and allow every single person to have the same resources.

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