Respond to two classmates 100 words each WK 2 D2

Help me study for my History class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Guided Responses: When responding to your classmates, be sure to elaborate. For example, if you write that you also found a specific topic interesting, explain what about that topic you found interesting and why. Is it the same aspects of the topic that your classmate found interesting? Were you unaware that events associated with the topic took place? Did the information that you learned change your understanding of those events?

This Open Forum is a place for you to collaborate and connect with your classmates as well as support one another and build a community. Your instructor will monitor this board and may post, but they are not expected to answer all questions.

If you notice a classmate is having difficulty with something that you can help with, use your responses as a way to support them. Helping out your classmates will not only benefit them, but it will also help to solidify your own knowledge.

Classmate #1 Matthew Kim

What struck me in particular while exploring the materials this week was when I read Upton’s material in the discussion. I realize there have been many advancements, research and standards in place today regarding safety and food handing. I did not realize how bad it was during those times, although they did not have rights in place at the time, it was shocking to see that people did not have enough sense to protect themselves at that time as well. I also realize people still don’t have common sense today as well, that’s why there are standards and regulations. I see people in my career not wear their protection equipment on constructions sites, even though they are required to and it is provided by employers. I realize that these things protect both the workers and employers.

A helpful tip that I have picked up in past courses is for assignments is to download the APA template from the Ashford writing center. My very first class I took several years ago I did not look hard enough and see it there and took more time than I needed to try to manipulate a word document and spacing manually. I also found it helpful for the review process to read my assignments back out loud in order to catch any errors or mistakes. Google also has a scholarly resource section that I will use at times in order to find references. I found it to be very useful and the material comes from credible sources, also they have the references already available in APA format so that will save time.

Classmate #2 Lyndsay Franklin

During this week, I found interesting the amount of issues displayed in the Progressive era; however, they managed to balance out the issues and reform problems such as maltreatment to workers. Even today, we still are improving the amount of worker’s compensations, benefits, and rights. I have learned a lot in just a short time. The most that I struggle with is keeping up with all the information. There is so much interesting topics and chapters we have reviewed that I wish there was more time to dive into. However, this also plays a huge role with time management and ensuring the information presented is gathered in a timely manner and in a way that I or my classmates understand. History has always been a struggle for me in past courses; however, I believe as long as we are doing our best and gathering as much knowledge as possible in our own ways then we are doing ourselves justice. There is always new information to learn and I have enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and thoughts this week!

Good luck to everyone!

– Lyndsay

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