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Task 3

Write an internal memo.[1] In your memo, synthesize and cite the research you found about the organization to which you are applying and the genre that you will be using. Explain how these findings will influence your writing choices, and discuss what rhetorical strategies you will use – what tone, style, language will you use and why? What information or examples will you include to show why you are a good candidate and fit for this organization? What genre moves will you use to create a compelling argument and meet the audience’s needs? The audience for your memo will be an informed audience who are still beginners at compiling employment materials – a junior or senior in your major at UC Davis, for example who is applying for their first internship or professional position.

Organize your memo logically, grouping material in ways that helps you to achieve your purpose for writing. Be sure to use descriptive headings and subheadings to help me navigate your document. Consider using lists (numbered or bulleted) when they will help me better understand or easily compare information. Your report should be thorough but concise and 700-900 words in length. Include recommendations for how your reader should tailor their application materials based on the analysis you have done of the position and the organization. Provide evidence for your recommendations. Be careful to avoid any unintentional plagiarism by summarizing and paraphrasing rather than copy and pasting information from sources, citing your sources, and including quotation marks and discussion of any quotes.


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