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Hello, my name is Meghan .

I am working to obtain a Level 1: Associate teacher (preschool) certificate of achievement. I do not have any children. I am currently working at Bible Baptist Christian Academy in the preschool department.

One challenge that we are going through in society is divorce. Divorce is a major challenge as it affects many families in America. If the parents are not willing to cooperate with each other they will cause mixed signals to be sent to the child, and it will lead to many behavioral and emotional problems. The child becomes unsure of which side to take, and which parent is telling them the correct thing. They are unsure of how they should be behaving, because each parent can have a different expectation. These children tend to act out often, and are very emotionally upset. I believe a child needs clear and consistent instructions so the child knows what is expected from them. Divorce can cause the family not to have a strong emotional and physical bond. The child may not have a trusting relationship with their parents and siblings. The community can be involved if the behaviors affects how the child is conducting themselves in public. The community may offer services such as counseling to the family to help them resolve some issues. I would like to learn and find ways to help and support these children and families.

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