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Halstead (2017) argues that professional nursing organizations not only support nurses but also help in improving nursing profession. Benefits of joining professional organizations include having access to variety of research-based learning and leadership training offered in RN or BSN. Furthermore, nursing organization help nurses to complete the circle between clinical practices and outside factors influencing nursing. In addition, being a member of a professional organization improves one professional network as well as future career prospects.

Professional organization and association in nursing are critical for generating energy, flow of ideas, as well as proactive work needed to maintain a healthy profession advocating for the needs of its clients and nurses trust in society. According to Ziebarth & Solari-Twadell, (2020) more than hundred organization speak for nurses and nursing based on mission and vision statement specific interest, goals, and purposes. American Nurse Association and International Council of nurses works on behalf of nurses and nursing profession independent of specialty areas (Ziebarth & Solari-Twadell, 2020). Advocacy is center of nursing, nurse work on behalf of patients, causes, and profession. Moreover, advocacy is motivated by moral and ethical principles, seeking to influence policies by pleading and lobbying for political, economic, and social system and institution.

2)Today there are a plethora of nursing organizations. Some of the organizations are meant to guide the practice of nurses by law and regulation while others are focused on the many specialty areas of nursing, and even others for representing nursing education. The American Nurses Association is one of the first professional nursing organizations that began in 1896 when fewer than 20 nurses attended its convention, and now they report more than 3.6 million registered nurses in the US (Helbig, 2018). The ANA “believes that advocacy is a pillar of nursing” and that it is not only important with their patients and in their practice, but also legislatively and politically to advance the nursing profession and patient care (ANA, n.d.)

The ANA is only one of many organizations that support the field of nursing through their development of the nursing policies and legislation. With so many different specialties in nursing, nurses find support in their field through organizations like Alliance of Psychosocial Nursing, Academy of Neonatal Nursing, and National Association of Bariatric Nursing, just to name a few. Professional organization like the ANA and the International Council of Nurses, advocates for the nursing profession by raising awareness to the public and to state legislatures to the problems that nurses face (Helbig, 2018). Some examples are health care reform, safe staffing, nursing workforce development, and safe patient handling. According to Helbig (2018), the advocacy and activism of these nursing organizations is “important and ultimately associated with patients, patient care, and providing a patient-centered safe environment.” Professional nursing organizations support nursing in nursing excellence, health policy, work environment, innovation and evidence, advocacy, workforce, and education, which in turn supports patient care (Helbig, 2018).

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3)Professional nursing organization support the ideas, foreseeing with the work that is needed to maintain a healthy profession that advocates the needs of the nurse and their practice, along with the needs of the clients and the trust of society.

One organization is American Nurses Association (ANA) supports nursing in many different areas, ANA is the voice of the nurse in the federal government and are active in all affairs relating to nursing” (Helbig, 2018). Every state has a professional organization under the ANA, so the ANA is able to support nurses on a state and local levels of government. ANA is one organization where a nurse can go and search for up to date information and if there are any new laws that would impact the nurse and their practice.

The ANA is not just for working nurses but also for student nurses through the (National Student Nurses Association). When one joins the ANA, that nurse is placed in their state nursing organization, even if not enrolled all nurses are supported. ANA also aids with continuing professional development where one becomes certified in one of the many nursing specialties. Sometimes one is required to become certified for a management/leadership role as baccalaureate nurses prepare for their future. The goal of ANA is to support nurses and improve the profession.

Helbig states “ANA advocates for nurses on all levels of government, and the ANA’s State Government Affairs program follows bills that are introduced monthly to state legislatures” (Helbig, 2018). This is where everything is tracked to keep the nursing scope of practice and workplace issues under control, examples include: safe staffing, overtime, workplace violence, and safely moving patient’s and handling (Helbig, 2018). This is where the professional organizations advocate & activism not only for the nurse but also for the patient care. Helps with the patient/nurse ratio, overtime for nurses so the nurse does not get burnt out and unable to provide patient care safely.


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