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I’m studying for my Communications class and need an explanation.

I need a response to this student in my class. with at least 180 words. I would like it to be in your own words. No Plagiarism please. If you need to cite in text or reference that would be fine. My class Organizational Leadership

I would say two-factor theory would best describe my previous job at a nursing home because I was more dissatisfied with management, lack of growth and salary. I was a new graduate and I got promoted, but with no increase pay increase and there wasn’t any room for advancement. The good thing about it was that I gained experience in different departments and it was an additional position on my resume. This has led me to seek other job opportunities. At my current job, I would say goal-setting theory would be most applicable. For example, I work front desk for a doctor’s office and my manager set specific goals for us to reach each month such as collecting at least 90% of co-pays at check-in each month. For three consecutive months, I was in the lead for highest percentage and I received recognition and was rewarded for it. I also received employee of the month for other accomplishments. This has motivated be to continue to do better so that I can grow and learn more within the company. My manager is a great motivator and gives feedback whether it’s good or bad and that is okay with me because I want to know my strengths and weaknesses.

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