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Read from Aneeka till the end and answer the following questions.

  1. Notice that the section on Aneeka’s perspective (187-221) is the shortest of all five perspectives despite the fact that she is central to the narrative. Another difference about her narrative is the fact that it’s broken up into 19 short written pieces (episodes, or fragments made documented in roman numerals). How does this writing affect the reader differently than the other styles found in the novel?
  2. Analyze the following passage spoken by Terry:

A few days ago your greatest rival was a man born with a diamond encrusted spoon in his mouth, a part insider for years. And now it’s this orphaned student, who wants her brother what she never had for her father: a grave which she can sit and weep for the awful, pitiable mea of her family life. Look at her, Karamat: look at this sad child you’ve raised to your enemy, and see how far you’ve lowered yourself in doing that. (Shamsie 267)

3. Find two passages at the end of the novel that depict the ancient Greek concepts of anagnorisis and peripeteia (one passage for each term), and explain how they work.

4. What character do you find most interesting, or appeals to you the most? Explain why?

5. What is your favorite passage in the play? Why?

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Assignment Solutions