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Please read the study page correlation then answer question. Give an example of BOTH a positive and a negative correlation, and explain your answer.

Ch. 2 Study Page. Correlation

Correlational studies are an important part of psychology. Correlation shows that two things are related. We don’t know which caused the other, but we know that they are clearly related by the strength of the correlation, either positive or negative. As one variable goes up, the other goes up, which is a positive correlation. If one variable goes up as the other goes down, it is a negative correlation.

An example of a positive correlation is depression and negative thinking. The more depressed someone is, the more likely it is that they have negative thinking. The more someone has negative thinking, the more likely they are to be depressed. We do not know which variable causes the other, but we do know that they tend to go together; that is, they relate positively to one another.

An example of a negative correlation is academic achievement and amount of time spent watching tv in children. Correlational studies have shown that the more tv a child watches, the lower that child’s academic achievement tends to be. The less time a child spends watching tv, the higher that child’s academic achievement tends to be. Again, studies have shown not causation, but a correlation between the two variables, in this case it is a negative correlation.

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