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Initial Post

Using legal articles or blog posts, find an example of legal complexity that is very hard to simplify. Be sure to cite your reference.

  1. Provide the example.
  2. Explain what makes the example complex and difficult to simplify.

Here are a couple of exaggerated starter examples to assist you. You will be able to find your own examples on the web that are not as obviously wrong but are still hard to untangle.

“In the event that the contingency of the failure to promptly fulfill the order for 1,000 widgets occurs, the buyer may, at buyer’s option, obtain cover, substitute goods, goods from another supplier, or otherwise act so as to obtain the aforementioned goods that were not delivered.”

“Whereas, the buyer has failed to promptly notify the seller of the intention of buyer to refuse to either pay the price or to explain failure to pay, and has failed to indicate nonacceptance of the aforesaid goods, and the reasons thereof for said failure to so indicate, seller shall refuse to stop deliveries and shall continue to invoice for them until further notice.”

  • Initial Post

    60% of total gradeExcellentSatisfactory

  • The student competently responds to the discussion, but there may be a lack of focus regarding the topic or integration of the course material into the response. • The required post is made by the deadline (Tuesday by 11:59 pm CST), contains no spelling errors, and is grammatically correct. • The post meets word requirement (200 words) and includes supporting citation.
  • Poor

  • Poorly written, late post (after Tuesday at 11:59 pm CST) • The post makes little or no effort to engage in the discussion question.

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