Quick Psychology & SPSS questions

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  1. What is the meaning of operationalization of a variable? Why variables used in scientific research have to be operationalized.
  2. What is an exploratory study and why this type of study is necessary?
  3. Give examples of inductive and deductive method
  4. What are the general stages of a research process, briefly explain?
  5. What commands are used in SPSS to provide descriptive statistics and correlation statistics?
  6. Discussion: Consider the following psychological claim. “People’s choice of spouse is strongly influenced by their perception of their own parents. Some choose a spouse who is similar in some way to one of their parents. Others choose a spouse who is different from one of their parents.” Is this claim falsifiable? Why or why not?
  7. Discussion: People sometimes suggest that psychology cannot be a science because either (a) human behavior cannot be predicted with perfect accuracy or (b) much of its subject matter (e.g., thoughts and feelings) cannot be observed directly. Do you agree or disagree with each of these ideas? Why?
  8. The Literature Review is an essential step in a Psychological Research study; mention at least three major functions of it and briefly describe.
  9. Generate a research question about one of the following behaviors: long-distance running, getting tattooed, social anxiety. How to study it?
  10. Generate a research question about one of the following behaviors: getting pierced in the face, school bullying, and memory for early childhood events. How to study it?
  11. Cite a research article that you have found in the Thurgood Marshall Online library and the main conclusion you got from it.

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