Proofreading my essay and checking sentences meaning and add length.

I’m working on a Writing exercise and need support.

First, do proofreading for my essay, and check every sentence meaning.

Second, add length to 3400words, example should only from the this link, no outside source, and add the cite work.

Third, check gradingstandard.pdf, check my essay whether follow it, and if not change them.

Objective: To learn how to compose an analytical essay with an evolving thesis with multiple sources and at least one application of your idea to your own evidence. You will learn how to create your paper by being able to revise one of the 3 essays that you have written, using the revised essay as one of two chapters for your final paper.


The required parts of your final paper are as follows:

  1. An introduction in which you set up your topic of inquiry and working thesis (at least 300 words).
  2. One chapter comprised of a revised version of your essay about Sex and Gender, Our Border Policy, or Frankenstein (at least 825 words, the length of a 3 page essay).
  3. One chapter in which you examine one or two applications of the idea that you developed in your revised essay (at least 825 words, the length of a 3 page essay)
  4. A conclusion in which you explain why your evolved and overall thesis matters (at least 300 words).
  5. A Works Cited Section (MLA in-text citation format)
  6. A 250 word reflection and explanation, describing what you attempted to do in your final paper and how you incorporated the techniques that you learned over the course of the quarter.

Your final paper should be at least 2500 words (at least a 10 page essay) including all of the above.

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