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topic: gun policy’s issues1.I am for and against a parent being criminally liable if their child take a gun from them and injuries another person. I feel if a child under the age of eight gets a gun then the parents should be held liable because  guns should be locked away and stored away safely and out of the reach of toddlers. On the other hand, if a child that knows right from wrong locates the safe and steals the gun and harms someone, then the juvenile should be held responsible  because they had a chance to do the right thing and they chose not to.2.In my opinion parents should be liable if their kids takes weapons and harms another person. I own weapons myself and i keep them locked up all the time and i keep the key hidden so my kids have no idea where it is. The easiest thing to do is grab a weapon that is out in the open and not locked away. Under the CAP ( Child Access Prevention) law holds gun owners liable for the safe and storage of firearms. It is a simple step to protect the ones you love safe and from harm.Topic: unit 8 Ondrej, Jiri & Jan article1.The article provided for this weeks reading covered the importance of how a reliable estimation of productivity is an important part of software engineering. During the software development phase for a new organization, there is often little to base success off of. With a scientific approach to formulate productivity, a baseline is created to work from in future adjustments. While the total factor productivity approach is used heavily in economics, it can also be used in many other business processes. An interesting part of this article was the discussion of money and how both input and output prices are not directly observable.Instead, expert estimations are often used. An overwheling amount of information in this article shows how estimations in productivity can enhance the start of an organization. It also shows how important each segment of development is in terms of future efficiency. What downsides, if any, can these types of estimations have on development or timelines?2.Discussing the reading of “Estimating Productivity of Software Development Using the Total Factor Productivity Approach”, first is abstract which is the design, control and optimization of software engineering.  It explains how economic theories are a great tool for measuring productivity. When calculating productivity, input and output is taken into consideration and evaluated using TFP (Total Factor Productivity). When using TFP any changes are measured by using productivity indexes or indicators. One challenging task is measuring outputs, as the outputs represents the complete basket of services as well as products that are provided during the trasformation processes. Basically the whole process is to look at productivity using equations to measure data as well as TFP, according to Machek,O(2012 July,02 Pg.5) says “Traditionally, the outputs of software development are measured by lines of code (LOC) or function points (FP). These two measures are highly correlated, but additionally, the TFP approach takes into account the

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