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write a summary of the content of the podcast (at least one page in length) and a personal reflective commentary on the content of the podcast (at least one page).

This is the comments my prof left on the last podcast, lol i cant believe he docked a whole point

“This is a good review with good depth, d
etail a
nd insightful additional research. I really like your choice of outside research content. What’s missing are the remaining song titles and what they illustrate.”
1.25 = Thoroughness: please give the full song title or video title as shared in the podcast along with what each one illustrates. Remember that titles are encased in ” ” or placed in italics. Plan to also list and explain all musical terms and concepts that are explained in the podcast.

1.25 = Accuracy, follow instructions. This means your report is in two parts: SUMMARY and COMMENTARY. The Summary is all the details of the podcast itself. The Commentary is where you “comment” on any or all of the information shared in the Podcast. These two parts should be a minimum of one page each.

1.25 = Originality. This point requires you to do some research online or with Youtube to supplement what you actually learned in the podcast. Your research needs documentation so the rest of us can also find it. Also plan to share exactly HOW this research fits in with the Podcast content. Plan to submit a minimum of two online research discoveries in this section. These are really fun areas that the rest of the class will also enjoy reading.

1.25 = Writing quality. This means spelling and grammar too.

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