plz i need help to change the mistakes with mat-lab project for differential class

Need help with my MathLab question – I’m studying for my class.

plz follow this feedback to do the change on this project u have done before i got 36 out of 50 :

Feedback to Learner

Objective (5 pts): Good base objective, but what questions are you trying to answer? What are your building parameters? GIve details about what you are modeling. (3/5)

Methods (10 pts): How are M and K matrices set up? Details. Otherwise, good details. In #9, write equation as T=… (8/10)

Results (10 pts): The results don’t quite look right. Your freq and period seem off by a conversion factor. You only give results for one building (m=7 tons). Where are the other buildings? m=1, 3, 5, 9 tons? Missing results! (7/10)

Key findings (5 pts): Correct interpretation of you incorrect results for susceptibility and also effect of floors. You did not answer the 2nd key question, the effect of increasing mass on nat freq or period. 3/5

Working Program (20 pts): It looks like you did not convert the mass (given in tons which is a force) to proper mass-units (i.e. slugs). ALso, you needed to convert K from tons/ft to lbf/ft to get everything into proper units. This is probably why your results (eigenval, freq, period) are a bit off. Otherwise, it looks like the solution seems to work. Also, it looks like your code only looks at M=7 tons. You needed to also study buildings with M=1, 3, 5, 9 tons and then compare the effect of mass on nat freq or period and if these buildings are susceptible to earthquakes. 15/20

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