Please let me know and make sure to follow the guidelines CAREFULLY! Thanks.

Hello, I need this assignment to be done by Friday morning 6am for hand in. Please let me know and make sure to follow the guidelines CAREFULLY! Thanks.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ASSIGNMENT  

Each student will choose a start-up and create an executive summary for such according to generally accepted business standards. This is a four to five page assignment; format should follow font sized 12, single spaced and one inch margin surround rules.

To be classified as a “startup”, and thus be eligible for this assignment, a start-up must meet one of the following tests:

The startup must currently be active in the DMZ or in Ryerson Futures (RFI);


The startup must have less than 20 full time employees; AND The startup must be less than 5 years old;  AND The startup must have less than $10,000,000 in revenue for the last 12 months.

Students are responsible to ensure that their start-up meets the above requirements.  Any Executive Summary on a company not meeting these requirements will receive a 0 and not be marked.

Students who wish to write up a DMZ/RFI startup will have  only one (1) opportunity to meet with 10+ Startup Founders during a Startup speeddating session held on campus.  You may not approach DMZ / RFI startups outside of this event. If you miss this event, or if cannot attend for any reason, then you must write up a startup outside of the DMZ/RFI and that startup must meet the test outlined in #2 above.

The Executive Summary will follow the template discussed in class and found on BB.  Students are not required to obtain (nor present) financial data. Students may not acquire or request from the founders, nor any other source, a copy of that start-up’s Executive Summary, Business Plan, etc.  The work produced must be the student’s own. While it is not required, students are encouraged to contact the founders of the start-up chosen and interview them regarding the assignment. Financial data for and from the start-up is not required.

Students may review the same start-up but students who do, should be cautioned that this is not a group project.  Further, if two or more students review the same start-up, those students work may be compared and graded accordingly.

Students will be graded on how well they integrate course content into the executive summary. Concepts must be defined and applied in the context of their start-up company. Students must highlight each concept they use in yellow.  If a concept is not highlighted, then the Students accept the risk that such concept will not be included in their grade. Students are encouraged to include as many concepts as they can.  A minimum of 5 concepts will be required to obtain a pass grade of C.  The more concepts correctly used, the higher the grade.  In previous years using 15+ concepts leveraged correctly has resulted in A range grades.

Assignments must be submitted in two forms by the deadline listed herein:

Through blackboard; AND

In the professor’s mailbox found on the first floor of the TSRM building.

Assignments are due on or before the deadline, and no exceptions will be allowed.  A late assignment, even one that is only a few minutes late, will receive a grade of 0.

ASSIGNMENT CAVEAT: The executive summary MUST be a product of the student’s original work and effort and not previously or concurrently been written or presented as part of any other course taken at Ryerson or elsewhere.  If it is not, then a grade of zero will be given (even retroactively) and it will be construed and recorded as academic misconduct in the student’s file. 

NOTE: Students agree that by taking this course all assignments may be subject to submission for textual similarity review to for the detection of plagiarism.  All submitted papers will be included as source documents in the reference database solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism of such papers.  Use of service is subject to the terms of the use agreement posted on the site.  All assignments must include footnotes and other relevant citations in the proper academic form.

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